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3 Questions to Ask to Marquee Hire Companies Before Booking Their Service

If you’re planning to host a party in your own backyard anywhere in Sydney or have your wedding reception in your own garden, one of the best options you have to beautify the place is through a white marquee. Trusted marquee hire Sydney companies like Absolute Party Hire, can transform simple gardens and lawns to wonderful reception.

But like in any aspect of wedding planning, there are questions you need to ask to marquee companies to ensure flawless and hassle-free flow for your special day. Thus, we thought of answering some of these questions to give you a good idea of what to expect when you get a marquee hire Sydney for your wedding.

Do I need to Get a License When I Hire a Marquee?

Generally no, you don’t have to get a license when you hire a marquee for a wedding. Special events like weddings require sound system for the live band, wedding singer, DJ, etc. Of course, you are not looking to profit (sell tickets) from the music and entertainment you offer. An event that sells tickets will require permit and license from the local government.

The same goes when you sell alcohol from the marquee, which some weddings do. If you offer a free bar for your guests, then you don’t have to get a license. Just make sure the bar you hire is licensed and permitted to conduct such business.

Will the Marquee Hire Company Provide Tables and Chairs for My Guests?

Yes, marquee companies usually come with wide range of furniture hire options for you to choose from and suit your event. Furniture choices range from tables and trestles, chairs and bar stools. This means you have greater flexibility for your reception, as you can even mix and match to suit the furniture to your desired layout. Many companies even offer table-setting, cutlery and crockery equipment, catering equipment, lighting, heater, linen, dance floors and flooring and various accessories to suit to the theme of your wedding, the weather of your special date, and make all your guests comfortable inside the marquee.

How Can I Get Power for the Marquee?

When it comes to getting power for the marquee, you have two basic options. For small events that won’t require a long list of electrical equipment and appliances, running an extension from the house will be enough. For big events such as backyard wedding on the other hand, your best solution is to get the services of a generator hire. Obviously, you have to choose a generator enough capacity to power the lighting, air-conditioners or heaters, sound system equipment, etc. inside the marquee. This is a more reliable and safer option.

Parting Tips

Marquee hire Sydney is a great alternative for special events like weddings; it provides flexibility and is more practical than paying for a venue. You don’t have to limit your guest list to a certain number that venues usually indicate, noise limiters, etc. Plus, you can place the marquee in any spot you want.

Of course, you have to consider the weather on your wedding day. Ask the marquee company how they’re going to address, summer heat, snow, rain and wind. Most companies however, are well-equipped to adjust in these weather factors.

For more information about marquee hire Sydney, check out Absolute Party Hire today!

Personalize Your Test Preparation: How to Change your Study Habits to Do Well in Tests

The end is near. Not the end of the world, of course – although some students may feel that way. It’s the end of the semester that’s approaching fast, and that means those dreaded finals are looming like dark clouds for some students. It’s time for some good test taking advice. You might find a lot of advice out there when it comes to test preparation, but what strategies are really useful for you anyway? You might be the type of student that likes using a Clairefontaine notebook from Notedian and other stationaries, or the type that uses technology like laptops and iPads to record information. The best advice is advice that addresses your own specific needs and challenges when it comes to test strategies.

This article tackles some great strategies you can use as a student to conquer your pre-exam stress.

Test Anxiety Preventive Cures

1. Observe Proper Note Taking – Perhaps test anxiety is one of your school troubles. If so, find a way to address this long before test day. Note taking is one of the best ways to prepare for the semester’s test taking season. No matter if you find note taking on a Clairefontaine notebook from Notedian easier or typing your notes on your laptop more efficient, effective note taking should always be about the content and not the process involved. Focus more on determining the key points of the lecture instead of arranging them on your notebook or laptop so as to have a better content recall on the day of the exam.

2. Know your strengths – Everybody learns best when they use their five senses. Identifying your specific learning style means identifying which senses help you remember best. Some people learn best by hearing the material or reading it out loud, some learn best by seeing it or reading, and some learn best by using tactile methods like role-playing or any method that involves movement.

3. Know your weaknesses – Do you perform poorly on tests because you don’t get enough sleep, or you don’t eat well on the morning of the test? Think about the way you feel at test time and the distractions you deal with. Remember to avoid the things that always cause problems.

Study Resolution Tips for Students

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to preparing for the test, you should check your study habits first. There are a number of steps you could take to really improve your performance in school, so this is a perfect time to pick one or two great study habits and resolve to work on them. You’ll find that you don’t have to change your whole personality or your whole life to improve your grades; one or two small changes in your habits will make a huge difference.

· Keep a journal. You can use any Rhodia notebook from school supply stores near you like Notedian for this activity. Journal writing is good for your brain, good for your emotional health, and good for your writing skills.

· Resolve to read your assignments. Many students choose to skip this step and rely on teacher lectures. Most of the time you can get away with this to maintain an average GPA. But is that really your goal?

· Resolve to record every assignment and due date in your planner. This action, alone, will improve your performance.

· Resolve to read classic literature outside your assignments. This will increase your vocabulary and expand your mind.

· Resolve to be on time every day. Tardiness can lead to many more problems.

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Notebooks, and the Smell of Fresh Paper, will Always be Cool!

Digitisation has taken over every aspect of people’s lives. However, there are some pleasures in life like reading and writing which cannot be substituted by these digital options. Writing in notebooks and stationeries never go out of style. Though it is more convenient to perform all the tasks on the smartphone or tablet, people still find scribbling things in their notebooks such as Rhodia notebooks easier than using the stylus.

Some popular brands which provide writing material

There are certain brands which have been around for almost a hundred years like the Leuchtturm 1917. Some other equally famous brands are Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Whitelines, Moleskine and Field Notes. You can find the best Notebooks for sale online by visiting websites like On these websites, all the notebooks of each of the brands mentioned above can be found. You get notebooks of all sizes, thickness, colours and prints.

What is so special about writing in notebooks

It has been found that writing things down with a pen or pencil helps people to remember them better than typing them on a gadget. There is no fear of the notebook getting damaged in case of a fall while a gadget gets immediately damaged in a similar situation. Older people like to stick to the tradition and so prefer noting things down in a small pocketbook. You can write to your heart’s content about your memories and secrets and keep these notebooks as treasured possessions for your whole life. Even younger people find this trend cool as they can use notebooks to doodle or take down class notes or do creative designing.

Why are Rhodia notebooks so popular

The Rhodia notebooks are preferred by writers, artists and designers alike because of their sturdiness and iconic orange and black colour. The brand offers a huge variety and the best quality of paper. The Rhodia notebooks come with different pad rulings – lines (with and without margins), dot grids, graphs and blank notebooks. These Rhodia notebooks are available in the form of long pads, side stapled notebooks, spiral binding notebooks, soft cover notebooks, pocket notepads, top wirebound notepads, hard cover notebooks and many other varieties. The ultra smooth paper supports the use of pencils, ball pens, sketch pens and fountain pens. The size of these noteboooks ranges from 3″x8.25″ to 16.5″x12.5″. All these sizes come with lined, graph and dot grid varieties. Weekly planners, reverse notebooks, meeting books and colourful notepads are also available. These notebooks are very cost effective and of a high quality which makes them a favourite among designers and artists.


Other famous brands like Leuchtturm 1917 and Clairefontaine also provide an amazing collection of notebooks. The Leuchtturm1917 notebooks are known for their numbered pages, table of contents, ink proof and acid free paper, labels and pagemarkers. The Clairefontaine notebooks have varieties like planners, indexed books, laboratory and drawing books, music and song books, plasic cover notebooks, books made with stone paper and many more. So go ahead and choose a notebook which reflects your style!

Cake Decorating Tools Every Serious Baker Must Have

Do you want to improve your craft when it comes to baking? You must be willing to invest in all of the cake decorating tools Adelaide has available. While baking is an art, it is also a science. You need the use of baking equipment and tools in order to make beautiful baked goods.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is one item that is never missing in the list of Adelaide cake decorating tools and equipment. Without a mixer, you will never be able to produce the ideal batter for your cakes or other pastry goods. If you were to mix it by hand, it could take you a long time to produce the same type of batter as an electric mixer can.

Piping Bag and Nozzle Set

A piping bag is another important essential in this list of cake decorating tools Adelaide offers. A piping bag is what you need to create swirls and other patterns on the surface of the cake after the frosting is applied. There is a variety of nozzle shapes available to create different shapes and patterns to suit your liking. Click here Caroline’s Sugar Art Services

Pastry Comb

This is another simple tool that can create a unique look to your cakes and baked goods. The end of this pastry comb comes with different styles to add texture to the frosting on the cake.


When making cakes, you will need a wide range of spatulas. You will use the spatula to apply the frosting or icing on top of the cake. To smoothen or even out the layer of frosting, you will also need to use a spatula.

Mixing Bowl

If you have an electric mixer as one of your baking essentials, you need to have a mixing bowl as well. You need to invest in different sizes of mixing bowl since this is where you will be mixing the batter and the frosting. The best types of mixing bowls are the ones that are made out of stainless steel for durability. But make sure to invest in mixing bowls that are heat-proof for making a chocolate ganache.


When it comes to cake decorating tools Adelaide can offer, this is one thing that should never be missing on the list. A stencil comes with various patterns that can be used to create lacy patterns or styles to the cake. You can spray on food colors or dusted with powdered sugar to reveal the pattern.


When you are decorating the cake with finishing touches, a turntable is a very useful tool. It is widely available in shops that offer cake decorating tools Adelaide currently has. The turntable is designed to move on its own so you won’t have to when decorating the entire cake. The elevation also makes it easier to decorate the bottom part of the cake.

Cooling Rack

Finally, you will need a cooling rack for baking and decorating cakes. You can use it for cooling your cakes or cupcakes before you decorate them. It is important to let the cake cool before you decorate them with frosting or icing so that the icing won’t melt while you apply them.

If you are ready to get baking, you can find the best cake decorating tools in Adelaide at This website is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things baking. As long as you have all of the basic tools listed above, you are good to go!

Writing Materials that Never Go Out of Style

Computers cannot replace the classic pen and paper. Anything to jot down notes in class, note some important reminders in the office, or just plainly doodle in, almost everyone reaches for a notebook. Since the 1930’s, an orange covered notebook got everybody’s attention because of its quality paper. Made from one of the smoothest and silkiest fountain pen friendly paper, Clairefontaine, maker of Rhodia’s papers, only buys pulp from sustainable, certified forests. Any Rhodia notebook is a reasonably priced fountain pen friendly notebook.

The true test of a quality notebook almost always relies not just on how well it holds together, but on how it looks like after you wrote on it. Others may do well on the usual ballpoint pen, but almost every other notebook fails once you use a fountain pen. Not so with a Rhodia notebook.

Rhodia notebook

Classic Writing Supplies

Preferred by creative and industry leaders, nothing beats a notebook. Writing by hand makes you analyze what you’re thinking, keeping thoughts organized.

More than just a bunch of papers bundled together, what are the basic types of the notebook?

* Elastic closure notebook – has a band to hold it close when not in use. It usually has a hard cover to stand against the elastic.

* Standard notebook – the most common. With a soft cover, it has a stapled or glued binding.

* Pocket notebooks – small and the most convenient to carry.

* Ring notebooks – for easy tearing out of pages. Click here Notedian

Rhodia notebooks

The iconic orange and black cover of any Rhodia notebook guarantee the best writing paper. Here’s the range of Rhodia notebooks:

* Rhodia Ice – a slim notebook with stapled sides

* Side-stapled Rhodia Dot Notebooks – has coated card covers that are water-resistant. The dots may be guidelines for writing but will not distract you should you choose to use the notebook for drawing.

* Webnotebook – a good Rhodia notebook for a journal because of it’s thick, hardcover with an elastic band closure

* Rhodiarama Soft Cover – notebook with a soft cover

* Unlimited Pocket Notebook – small, with a soft cover and strip closure

* Rhodia Business Notebooks – with the notable space at the top of every page for the details of meetings. The left side of each page is for notes while the opposite side is for planned actions.

* Wirebound notebooks – has the traditional wires, but Rhodia’s double wires are not only strong but snag-proof.

Other writing supplies

Because Rhodia papers are fountain pen friendly, ink pens play an important role. The right kind of ink will give you an enjoyable writing experience. A fountain pen ink works differently because of its flow properties and other factors like viscosity. To have the correct ink and paper for the fountain pen, buy from an established store that sells all three like Notedian.

Because of their durability, Rhodia products are favorites also of designers, scientists, and architects. In fact, the Rhodia paper got designed with a fold-around cover and hard coated-board backing for professional, easy use.

Another classic, quality, reliable writing staple, are Stabilo art supplies. They’re perfect for stress-releasing coloring, labeling, bulleted journals and plain note taking.

For writing instruments of superb quality visit