Even with the influx of technology in the 21st century, writing with a fountain pen is one of the old school methods that just refuse to die. For many people the world over, the joy of a fountain pen scratching against the writing surface is profound. A well-crafted fountain pen from reliable suppliers such as Notedian, just gives you a break from technology and throws you back to the basics.

Shop around first before you buy

All the same, with thousands of types and features in the market, choosing the right fountain pen for your work may be a daunting task. To buy fountain pens in the best way, you would need to shop around first and see for yourself what the market offers. For example, a visit to Notedian website can expose you to a wide range of varieties of fountain pens and more accessories.

Why not just any fountain pen?

The type of a pen you use makes a statement about who you are and what you do. Your style, personality, and fashion can be evident in the pen you use. For that reason, it is advisable to observe the features and types available in the market first before you buy a fountain pen.

The nib—the most important feature to consider

This part of a fountain pen meets the writing surface. Besides, it determines how the written letters appear on the surface. That is why nibs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, for different purposes. It is advisable to learn about various types of nibs that can make the best fountain pens. On visiting websites of reliable sellers such as Notedian, you can discover fountain pens with various tips to use in various applications.

Materials for the nib

The nibs are available in different materials. They can be in steel, platinum, or gold. A gold tip is softer and causes no scratch on the page. Alternatively, the platinum nib is becoming popular among various users. Compared to gold and platinum, steel nib is the cheapest in the market. Knowing the types of nib materials helps you choose what can provide the best result for your application.

Broad or pointed nibs

The size of the nib also matters when it comes to selecting a fountain pen. The tips can be broad or pointed. The broad nib, with a flat and rigid edge, has been in the market for the longest time. The pointed tip has a sharper tip compared to the   broad-nib model. It is usually applicable in calligraphy writing. You can vary the thickness of the strokes based on the amount of pressure you exerted on the tip.

The flexible nib

Finally, there is the flexible nib, which was quite popular in the 1930s. The nib can bend based on the pressure exerted on the nib. This type of nib is not recommended for beginners, as it may require more practice before you learn how to use it effectively.

When you finally set out to shop for a fountain pen, remember to apply these tips and you can land the right model of the luxury pen.

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